I)My role: Epidemiologist – The environment expert –Conducts a case-control study that investigates the connection between a specific human activity to a medical condition and identifies points of contamination I must analyze as epidemiologist how it is related the obesity with plastic pollution and hormone disruption II)My Topic:” How to avoid the obesity-related plastic chemical BPA” Each student will compose an academic manuscript for a present-day publication that includes the following sections: 20 pages long in content abstract: ½ – 1 page

Pubmed World Health OrganizationFood and Agricultural Organization Non-GMO projectNurtitionfacts.org – can be used a source but not a documentary Institute for Integrative Medicine EcowatchCenter for Biological Diversity Food and Water WatchCenter for Food Safety The Institute for Responsible Medicine Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine Dietitians for Professional integrity Comfortably Unaware NextGen ClimateThe Guardian Institute for agricultural trade policy PBSUDSACDCFDA

While there most likely will be overlap in the literature review the majority of the papers will focus on each student’s assigned role. Good sourcesI will sent you an example of the paper for my role. NO PLAGIARISMI have a friend that sent to you the same tittle, you did a great job for her, we are in the same team, she is the medical research and I am the epidemiologist, be careful with the plagiarism thing,You did a great work, so I would like to work with you

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