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Import bearing is a kind of turntable can simultaneously und

    Import bearing is a kind of turntable can simultaneously under high axial load, radial load and tilting moment of medium of special structure of comprehensive load bearing.In general, wheel bearing itself with mounting holes, grease holes and sealing device, can satisfy all kinds of work under different working condition of all kinds of the different needs of the host; Wheel bearing itself, on the other hand, has a compact structure, easy to guide the rotation, convenient installation and easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in lifting the transport machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery and automated assembly line and other large rotary device.PRS wheel bearing according to the different structure forms can be divided into four-point contact ball bearings, double rejection diameter ball wheel bearing, crossed cylindrical roller bearing turntable and three rows of cylindrical roller wheel bearings and so on different structure forms; The above all kinds of bearing according to whether or not to bring a tooth,BEST Bearing  tooth distribution area is divided into no tooth, tooth and tooth within different structure.Wheel bearing according to different characteristics of the structure can be meet the needs of work under various load conditions the host. Among them, the four-point contact ball bearings with high load capacity, crossed cylindrical roller bearings with high static load capacity, three rows of cylindrical roller bearing combination turntable due to increase the bearing capacity of lead bearing height direction, various load respectively by different raceway and roller group, under so under the condition of equal stress, it can be significantly reduced the diameter of the bearing and thus has the characteristics of the host more compact, wheel bearing is a kind of high bearing capacity.Wheel bearing code representationA, composition of the codeBearing code consists of basic code and post code.Second, the basic code of NSK bearingsBasic code is divided into three parts, the front for the structural type and transmission type, central for rolling diameter (for more than two rows of rolling element bearing to the maximum rolling diameter), the rear part of the circle diameter for rolling body center (for more than two rows of rolling element bearing for maximum central circle diameter of roller)1, the structure type.01 four-point contact ball bearing02 double rejection diameter ball bearings04 crossed cylindrical roller bearing05 three row cylindrical roller bearings2, transmission type.0 no tooth1 tooth small modulus involute cylindrical gear2 teeth bigger modulus involute cylindrical gear3 within the involute cylindrical gear teeth smaller modulesWithin 4 involute cylindrical gear teeth bigger modulusFive basic code compiling rules NSK import bearing structure basic code format, type and transmission type ligatures, front, with a ‘. ‘between central and back.

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