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Implementation Plan Individual Assignment.docx&nbspExpand your

    Implementation Plan Individual Assignment.docx Expand your application or site to include input form(s)—such as achange control request, a support ticketrequest, a test or bug report, a training request, or a contact request.Use any familiar web, Java™, .NET, or database developmenttool to design, develop, and create the application or site.The application or site must adhere to thefollowing criteria:· Apply usability best practicesand principles of design.· Form and page content isorganized and professional.· Create effective navigationfor the application or site.· Integrate multimediaeffectively. · Use internal, external, andanchor links in the application orsite.Submityour application or site in a compressed .ZIP file or folder. Include allruntime executable and source files. Identify what file should be loaded(.INDEX or .DEFAULT) or run (.EXE) first.

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