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If you would like to bring your practical lab session home,

    If you would like to bring your practical lab session home, here is a way. Perform science practical using our virtual lab software – take readings, note down your observations in table and finally derive the principal. All the procedures within the software are developed in order to provide a real-life lab experience as how the students do in their science laboratory.Our Vision :Our deliberate effort is to create an educational science landmark that improves the common-sense of implementation and adoption of science principals in routine life. Our academic science software is developed with an objective in mind that students should feel that they are doing work in real-time laboratory, which materializes a genuine experience of “DO IT YOURSELF”, letting them explore the science principal themselves. Which will cause develop interest and insight in practical science principal for almost all standards’ students. Such virtual practical science lab is blissful where there is no lab facilities, in poor infrastructure area and in rural area. Virtual lab packages for high-school-secondary school help students a lot in saving their precious time. They can perform all practical on computer as many times as they want exactly as they are doing practical in their physics laboratory.To have a live experience of our products, please check the link below :

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