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If you cant get the paper done with 8 pages and 10 referenc

    If you can’t get the paper done with 8 pages and 10 references. . Completed by feb 23 11:00 pm central time… please dont considerPapers must be 7 to 12 pages in length (this would be roughly 1 page per area included in the report), 12-point font, double-spaced, include a cover page, table of contents, introduction, body of the report, summary or conclusion, and works cited reference page.This is expected to be a thoroughly researched paper of a narrow topic capable of being covered in 7-12 pages. References are very important. At least 10 authoritative, outside references are required (anonymous authors or are not acceptable). These should be listed on the last page titled ‘Works Cited’ or ‘References.’APA format and citations are required. Tutorials are included in the Syllabus section.All DeVry University policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy. Plagiarism on this or any other written assignment in the course may result in failing the course. Refer to the syllabus for DeVry University policies on plagiarism.Papers are due during Week 7 of this course.Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Q&A threaded discussion topic or by e-mail to the instructor.This paper is worth 250 total points and will be graded on quality of research topic, quality of paper information, use of APA citations, grammar, and sentence structure.No late papers will be accepted.

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