Identity Development/Privilege MFT/LCSW

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These are two different questions and should be answered separately with a minimum of 200 words each, and each must include 1 intext cite.

1)1. What questions do you have about privilege and informed consent when working with adolescents?

. What would you do if your adolescent client admits to:

  • School truancy
  • Driving without a license
  • Smoking marijuana
  • Being sexually active
  • Joining a gang
  • Smoking crack

. What factor(s) would you use to decide whether or not to tell the parents?

. How would you go about telling parents, if you decide to do so?

. Would this affect your alliance with the adolescent client?

Question 2 below please utilize reading attached

There is a lot to reflect on in chapter 8 with regards to identity development. Feel free to share your reactions regarding any of the theories.

In addition, let’s discuss Hall’s (1904) assumption of Storm and Stress in adolescence.

One major debate today is whether adolescence is inherently a time of “storm and stress.” Some researchers and practitioners believe that teens rebel as a part of normal development. They point towards all of the changes in our chapter, including hormonal and cognitive changes. Others practitioners and researchers say that this view is incorrect. They hold that teens can and should progress through adolescence relatively smoothly and that the rebellious teen is reacting to something in the family that has actually gone wrong. Where do you weigh in on this?


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