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“Identifying Deductive &amp Inductive Fallacies.” Please re

    “Identifying Deductive & Inductive Fallacies.” Please respond to the following:Locate a piece of advertising that demonstrates one (or more) of the deductive or inductive fallacies listed below.Describe the advertisement example that you located.Identify the fallacy you observed in the advertisement and describe how this is an example of this type of fallacy.Explain whether or not you believe the fallacy is effective in persuading customers to purchase or use the product or service being promoted in the ad.Informal ductive fallaciesFallacy of divisionCircular reasoningEither/or fallacyReductio ad AbsurdumInformal inductive fallaciesHasty generalizationCompositionPot hoc ergo propter hocExtravagant hypothesisFalse analogySlippery slopeGenetic fallacyAppeal to authorityAppeal to traditionIs/ought fallacyBandwagonAppeal to ignorance

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