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Identify a line in which the rhythm is not iambic centimete

    Identify a line in which the rhythm is not iambic centimeter (include act/scene/line number)2. The typical Shakespearean tragedy unfolds in five sections, and the tragedy of Othello is no exception. Determine which acts/scenes cover each of the following: introduction, complication/rising action, crisis/climax/turning point, falling action, and resolution/denouement.3. As with other tragedies, Shakespeare provides us with a wealth of elements in the tragedy of Othello. Identify at least one example of each of the following in this play: contrast, coincidence/element of chance, dramatic irony, pathos, and romance.4. Write a psychological description of each of the following g characters: Othello, ceremonial, Ingo, Emilio, Cassiopeia, Rodrigo, Tarantino5. Read the following lines and interpret:   – act 1, scene 1, lines 108-111  – act 2, scene 1, line 285  -act 3, scene 3, lines 155-161  -act 3, scene 3, lines 339-340-act 3, scene 4, lines 153-156

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