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identify a legal claim in this discussions and identify thei

    identify a legal claim in this discussions and identify their elements (what elements must theplaintiff prove to win at trial). Also identify potential legal defenses.From the scenarios given belowand explain the best solution to each. Include comments related to anyethical issues that arise. You should try to locate at least onescholarly source or one case that has been decided or is currentlypending to support your answer.Scenario I—Torts and Product LiabilityOn his way home from work, Randy Dixonstopped at Mad Beach Pub. After leaving the pub, Dixon drove his carinto a house at a speed of approximately 35 miles per hour. When thecar struck the house, the passenger compartment collapsed and Dixon wasseriously injured. His blood alcohol content was 0.07%. Theinvestigation also discovered that he had been texting at the time ofthe accident. Dixon brought a strict product liability action againstthe car manufacturer on the grounds that the car was not crashworthy.He also filed suit against the pub for selling him the alcohol.Summarize the statutes from your state related to driving under the influence (DUI) and texting while driving.Provide the arguments that each party (Dixon, the car manufacturer, and the pub) will make at trial.Explain how the court should rule. Provide support for your decision.Scenario II—TortsAfter the extraction of two teeth,Brittany’s dentist, Dr. Carver, wrote a prescription for painmedication and cautioned her not to drive or operate heavy machinerywhile taking the medication. Brittany took the prescription to thedrive-in window at the local Walgreens pharmacy. The pharmacy was busyand understaffed at the time, and the technician failed to includeinformation about adverse reactions associated with taking themedication. Brittany took a pill upon leaving the pharmacy and madeanother stop at the grocery store. After leaving the store, Brittanyfailed to stop at a stop sign, and hit another car, injuring the driverof the other car and a passenger.Using textbook, the laws of your state,and other scholarly sources, explain the potential lawsuits and theprobable outcomes for the lawsuits filed by the injured driver againstBrittany, Dr. Carver, and Walgreens. 600 words.

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