**Identification______ 1 It supplies the needed products that keep organization in motion_______2, It controls the flow of funds so that money is spent properly______3, It is considered as the subconscious mind that handles the daily affairs of operation______4 They decide the major issues concerning the whole organization________5 , Aside from people , It is also the component of any management system for these two cannot work aprt from each other****Specific promary are of human behavior , assumptions , concepts , principles , ______6, Every person is constantly active , goal seeking organism______7 , Human being adapt_____8, Behaviour is caused but its causality is uncertain and usually multiple______9, An individual must trike a happy balance between his personal needs , the needs of other individuals in the group and the need of the group as a whole______10, The characterristics of an organization influence the behaviour of an entire organization and to a great extent the behaviour of an individual within____ 11, Stimuli are those forces which impact the sensory organs of our five sensory chanels______12, individuals and organization must have a balance life based on their needs and desires______13, Behaviour cannot be predicted with one hundred percent accuracy________14, There are no two individuals who are alike in all dimensions_______15 Individual develop self-direction when management recognize their potential______16 Almost all behaviour is learned_______17 It identifiles the grouping together of individual according to functions for easy supervision_______18 Organization is designed and developed for people to work in harmony with the environment and with all other stakeholders_____19 It passes through a series of revisions to cope with the changing business and organizational conditionsIdentify the sequence of Organizational Development Process_________ 25,Man developed theories to increase production effort_________ 24,Men had to organizegroup to protect Themselves_________ 23,Organization went through the process of trial and error and man learned that organized effort could bring improvement in his way of life________ 22,the birth of autocratic leadership where man had use hid super power over his ………._________ 21,Set up for hunting animals and gathering goods in the field were organized________ 20,Science of leaning behaviour came into fold to determine man’s total development the his collective effort in organization

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