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I will change location to match mines….You should write tw

    I will change location to match mines….You should write two reports on your experiences visiting or attending a visual or performing art event.INSTRUCTIONS:  HOW TO DO AN EXPERIENCE REPORT*  Visit or attend a presentation of the visual or performing arts.  The experience you report on must take place during this term.  You should attend or visit one of the following for each report (two total). a museum of art, history, culture, or technologya display of local history or culture (for example, in your public library)a sculpture gardena significant or notable architectural sitea concert (but not a big rock or pop music concert)a street art festivala poetry reading or other spoken word performancea playa dance performance  other displays or performances may be acceptable. Check with me for approval beforehand.  The following are NOT acceptable experiences for your Experience Report.  (I’ll consider making an exception in truly exceptional circumstances–ask me first.)  Big rock and pop music concerts don’t count for this assignment. (Why? Because rock & pop concerts are loud, exciting, overwhelming. The setting is not conducive to the thoughtful reflection needed for this assignment).Plays, concerts, and other performances put on by members of your church or place of worship don’t count for this assignment. (Why? Because it’s difficult to see such performances with the fresh eyes needed for this assignment.)Children’s school plays, musical recitals, and other performances don’t count for this assignment.  (Why? Because it’s hard to apply material from this course to descrive and analyse their performances–especially if they are your own children.)*  After your experience, write a 2-3 page report (500-750 words).  Longer is fine. Include the following information. Name and location of the museum, site, or event.  If there is on-line information about the site or performance, include a link. Type of museum, site or event.  For example, is it a portrait museum, a poetry slam, an outdoor Shakespeare festival performance?  If you attended a performance, name the performer or the piece.  Be specific about what you attended, when, and where.  Briefly describe the general setting. (Don’t describe the parking lot.)Describe one or more parts or aspects of the experience—for example, a particular work of art, cultural artifact, song, dance section, scene in a play, costumes or lighting, one particular actor or vocalist—that you found especially interesting.  Explain what impressed you, and why.  It’s ok if you found something “interesting” in an awful way–in other words, it’s ok to write about a negative impression of what you experienced.  Whatever your reaction, be explicit–elaborate. Use at least two things you’ve learned to enrich your description or analysis. For example, if you visit a museum, you might point out the architectural style, discuss an artist you’ve learned about in the course, tie in your experience with a class discussion, make use of a concept presented in a read/watch/listen assignment. Do include photos or links to images on a web page to help convey the information.Describe your reaction to the experience overall.  Be specific (do not just say, ‘It was awesome!’) What did you learn?  What did you experience or think about during the visit that might be relevant to your “regular” life? * Use a professional writing style.  Single-spacing is fine.  Make sure your work is readable.

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