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I will added everything you need all the readings, also week

    I will added everything you need all the readings, also week six is not up yet but I will added it next week I wanted to give you a head start. I will add my midterm paper and how to make it better because he took off a lot I did get a B, but I need better. On my midterm paper I did add a few things he had to say. really need this paper to be good. Once again I will add week 6 things this coming week thank youAssignment InstructionsBuildingon the information that you prepared from your Midterm Assignment,prepare a new research paper that addresses the below information in 5-7full pages of content (not counting title or reference pages):For the terrorist organization likely to conduct an attack within the United States that you selected, determine: – What domestic data collection programs would be best utilized on the organization you selected? (Intelligence Collection disciplines discussed in week 5) Do not focus on overseas intelligence collection programs; this is an HLSS course and we are focused only on the homeland. – Which members of the IC would be the best collectors of intelligence on this particular organization? (we discussed the agencies of the intelligence community in week 2)You may address agencies that collect overseas and within the homelandas the terrorism nexus overlaps both domains. You may also consider someof the field agencies of DHS (since DHS I&A is just an office anddoes not collect) as some of the operating components do collectlike ICE, CBP, USCG, and the Secret Service (who does focus on terrorismfinancing). Again, this is a Homeland Security course, so focus on theagencies that can support the homeland (like the FBI), not primarilyoverseas intelligence collection of foreign targets. – What intelligence analysis strategies would be the most effective and why? (choose only from the strategies discussed in the week 6 lesson).Remember that critical thinking is not a strategy — be specific aboutwhat you think will help analyze what we collect on a clandestineterrorist group attempting to attack the U.S. homeland.Note:As a paper for this HLSS course, these questions are to be answered asit relates to collecting and analyzing intelligence on the terroristgroup plans and activities within the U.S. as they prepare to attack sothat law enforcement and security officials here in the homeland candetect, identify, and warn on this potential or hypothetical attack. Youdo not need to address how to stop this attack, that will be thesubject of your recommendations in your final paper. Only address yourhypothetical attack using a paragraph or two (unless you were specifically told that you did not address the attack in sufficient detail in your midterm).Thisprogress paper will set the stage for your final paper where you willthen discuss how intelligence, law enforcement and homeland securityofficials from all three levels of government can prevent or disruptthis attack (as well as your recommendations to them in your finalpaper). Therefore, do not address measures to stop or interdict the terrorists in your progress paper, onlyfocus here in this paper on intelligence collection disciplines, themost appropriate IC agencies to play a role, and the most effectiveanalytical techniques to employ in this scenario. I would also remind you that theCIA does not collect anything domestically, they are a foreignintelligence agency. See the readings from week 5 as well as this linkto Executive Order 12333 NSA is very different as they can and do collect both foreign anddomestic communications when authorized by a court (like FISA) or undercertain conditions by the Attorney General (to support the FBI). See TheProgress Assignment is due on Sunday of Week 6. The analysis must bedouble spaced and follow APA guidelines (in -text parenthetical citationformat, not endnotes or footnotes) and be free of typographical,spelling and grammatical errors (see example paper). 5 is the minimumnumber of pages of content not counting title page and referencepage. Name the assignment ‘LastnameHLSS320Progresspaper.doc’. Compliancewith the above directions, quality of your analysis, and the SSGSAssignment Rubric for 300-400 Level Classes will be used to evaluatethis assignment. Assignment RubricClarificationon assignments: The first paper (the midterm, your Red Cell paper) wasabout the terrorist group you selected and was basically from theterrorist perspective, and it should have addressed attack scenarios ofhow your group could attack the U.S. Homeland. The second paper (theprogress assignment) is from the friendly perspective and is on how theU.S. can do intelligence collection and analysis on the terrorist group:For the finalassignment, it will give you an opportunity to describe how to stop theattack by making your own recommendations based on what you learned.Note:You must use APA (in-text parenthetical) format [but not endnotes orfootnotes] in HLSS owned courses. The APUS library has many usefuldocuments, videos and guides on how to research, write and cite forcollege level papers. See Ihave also attached an example papers to the assignment instructions foryour midterm that you should use as a template for your papers in thiscourse. Makesure you read the instructions carefully and that you focus your paperon answering the assigned question. This assignment is a research paper, not an opinion paper, so you need to cite scholarly sources to support your thesis. Make sure you use APA style in-text parenthetical citations atthe end of every sentence where you are quoting or paraphrasinganother’s ideas (or any information) that is not your own thoughts andwords, like this (Bergen, 2015, para 14). I highly recommend you use theAPUS writing guide based on the APA style which can be found in theuniversity library or at this link: APUS Style Guide for APA.You are welcome to use supplementary sources to compliment the assignedreadings based upon your research, but make sure you use scholarly andcredible sources. See the APUS Library Homeland Security Program Guide for good sources, as well as the APUS Research Primer and the APUS Library Research FAQs. Requirements:- 5-7 Full pages of text (not counting title page or references). 5 FULL pages of content is the minimum acceptable length- Written according to the APA style and format;- Use Times New Roman 12 point font;- 1 inch margins on all sides with no paragraph indentation other than the first line by .5 inches – Doublespace all text (no extra lines or spaces after a paragraph or sectionheadings and no added font sizes or lines either) Arespectable number of credible resources used, cited in the paper asin-text citations, and included on the reference page. A good rule ofthumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content (at least 10scholarly references for this 5 page paper). Use those sources providedto you throughout the course (listed in the announcements), as well asother material obtained from conducting your own research. Freelyutilize appropriate and reputable academic sources, summarize in yourown words and cite accordingly.Be mindful of excessive direct quotes as the paper should not contain just a string of various quotations. Make sure you comply with all academic integrity standards expected by APUS and as slide 14 of the APUS Academic Integrity presentationposted in course syllabus (and the week 1 introduction forum) states“Quotes cannot make up more than 10% of the text of your assignment.” So paraphrase where you can and provide your own analysis and synthesis of your research. Seethe syllabus tab within this course for more important information onacademic integrity and the repercussions of plagiarism.

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