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Identify the possible environmental impacts of a Hazardous Materials Event impacting Philadelphia community, list the governmental entities having responsibility to oversee and or control/mitigate such impact, with their contact numbers, added to your “master” Incident Action Plan. Submit.

2. Take on the role as the Public Information Officer (PIO) and submit a press release pertaining to week 5 activities. Be prepared to answer questions from the media or community.

Some examples include –

Ask the PIO to provide a briefing that includes:

1. The situation status. 2. Additional road closures. 3. Evacuation routes. 4. Personal protective measures.

In addition, address the following:

  • What is the local role in response to a hazardous materials incident?
  • Who is responsible for cleanup operations?
  • What is the role/responsibility of your organization and how does that impact or effect the state and federal systems?
  • What is the definition of “Hazardous Materials”?

WEEK 5 Activity :

– January 19th at 23:00 PM (Local), an earthquake, magnitude 3.5, is experienced with an epi-center 5 miles from the response location. This is an unusual occurrence, with no prior recorded earthquakes in this area in recorded history.

– NDJ is an industrial concern in your county that has experienced significant impact from this event.

– NDJ processes industrial (electronics and specialty) and medical gases.

– As a result of the earthquake, several explosions were experienced in the plant.-

– Eight (8) employees remain unaccounted for at the present time.

– it’s a moonless night at 23:15 local.

– Temperature at 1.7 (C)/35(F)/humidity 50%

– Winds are from the West, at 5-7 mph

◦Gusts up to 25 mph

– There is a odor of rotten eggs in the area downwind from the plant.

– Attempts to locate a Responsible Agent for the plant are frustrated by the failure of telephone and data lines. Cell phone network is crashing, though you have “Public Service Priority” on your phones.

– Several employee who escaped are experiencing burning eyes and throats, and appear confused.

– The first medic unit reports 3 patients with symptoms of pulmonary edema.

NDJ-Registered Products

}CAS 7783-61-1

}CAS 13465-84-4

}CAS 10026-04-7

}CAS 7664-41-7

}CAS 7440-37-1

}CAS 10294-34-5

}CAS 7637-07-2


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