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    I ONLY NEED THE YELLO HIGHLIGHTED PART DONE – THE REST OF IT IS THE INFORMAITON YOU NEED TO WRITE THIS PORTION. I NEED 300 words MAX for both points. PLEASE READ THE PORTION IN RED because that is the beginning research portion to help lead you. then read the blue and look at that portion for guidance on the portion you write.Developa plan for your Business Research Project.Revisethe research questions based on instructor feedback from the previous week.Identifypopulation and samples for your research.Describewho will be chosen and how they will be accessed.Determinethe data collection process.Describethe format of the survey and the basic item content to be gathered.Determinehow the survey will be distributed and collected.Formatyour plan consistent with APA guidelines.Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.SO you know where to head:            According to Cooper & Schindler (2011), business research describes a systematic inquiry that provides information to guide managerial decisions (p. 4).  This process identifies the research process of planning, acquiring, analyzing, and dissemintation of any relevant information, data, or insights for indecision’s to use.  Using the information collected is intended for use by the business to boost the performance of the company. Our business research plan includes taking a descriptive approach where the team will attempt to answer the who, what, when, where, and why.Distribution and Collection of Survey  Since postage can become expensive or cumbersome, the plan in distributing the surveys will include sending these out electronically or having them available electronically.  For instance, an electronic mail blast would be sent out to those who we are seeking to receive feedback from and made inviable on the company external website.  This method will not only save company costs, it will also show how technologically advanced we are.  To obtain the email addresses of those we would like to survey, we will offer current customers and potential customers a chance at signing up on our monthly newsletter.  The surveys could be administered via a marketing tool like Constant Contact who administers and compiles the survey results. The company is then able to extract the survey results from Constant Contact and use it to build their own reports for use in interpreting the responses and how useful to the company’s success the responses are.References: IS THE COMPANY BUSINESS RESEARCH PROJECT:OrganizationIn and Out hamburgers is a large food chain based out of Southern California. They were the very first drive thru hamburger restaurant in California. They have been in business for 66 years with over 200 locations in four states. They sell hamburgers/cheeseburgers, fries, sodas, and shakes. In and Out is a large company with its commitment in only serving the freshest products to customers. With that in mind, only three times in the company’s history have they added or changed items in their menu. The first was to change bottle drinks to fountain drinks, the second was the introduction of the “Animal Style” burger, and third was the introduction of milkshakes (In and Out Burger, 2014). There have been many times In and Out Burger has considered adding menu items due to customer request. In and Out has been reluctant to expand to other states whereas they are currently only located in four states with very few locations in locations not in California. This reluctance has traversed into the menu item expansion, as there have been really no additions since opening the company. In and Out can grow its revenue much more if they were to do some research and decide what type of menu items they can add to attract new customers to the business. Products ProvidedIn and Out Burger provides hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, french fries, soda, and milkshakes.DilemmaAfter 66 years of success and 200 locations would it be beneficial for the company to add menu items to satisfy customer requests or should they maintain the same core menu items that have proven successful? Potential menu items for addition are; onion rings, zucchini fries, apple slices, and chicken patty sandwich.Purpose StatementThe purpose of this project is to determine if adding new products to the current menu listing will increase the revenue for the company.Research Questions1) Will adding onion rings to the menu increase total revenue?2) How many customers prefer onion rings to french fries with an In and Out sandwich? 3) Does ketchup usage decrease with the introduction of onion rings?4) Will adding a chicken patty sandwich to the menu increase total revenue?5) How many customers prefer a chicken sandwich to a burger?6) Do customers find the In and Out spread appealing on the chicken sandwich?7) Would customers prefer a healthier choice like zucchini fries or sliced apples?8) What would be the variation in cost versus Fries, Onion rings, zucchini fries, and sliced apples?9) If In and Out offered a chicken sandwich would customer prefer to have an option of grilled, fried, or both?10) Would a larger menu cause our company to focus more on quantity sold instead of providing quality fresh products?ReferenceIn and Out Burger. (2014). Menu and food quality. Retrieved from:

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