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I need you to read these two attachment 1- Pearson%20part%20

    I need you to read these two attachment 1- Pearson%20part%201%20introduction.pdf 2- Pearson%20part%202%20conclusion.pdf and then answer 6 of those questions.1.  Whatare the authors trying to answer by writing this paper?2.  Whatis the population?3.  Whatis the sample?4.  Isthis paper a result of an observational study or an experiment?  Explain .5.  Whatmeasures are used in this analysis and what are they trying to measure?  Are these measures appropriate for the goalsof the study?  Are they unbiasedmeasures?6.  Whatis the overall tone of the paper?  Do youperceive that the language the authors’ use is appropriate for a scientificpaper?  Why or why not (include examplesfrom the paper).7.  Whatare the results of this paper?8.  Giveany observations that you discovered. Thank you

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