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I need this paper by sunday 13th latest monday 14th. PleaseP

    I need this paper by sunday 13th latest monday 14th. PleasePrepare a PowerPoint slideshow presentation on an applied ethical topic. Review the topics from and choose one of the controversial issues to report on (or another topic may be suggested for instructor approval.)Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides that outlines both sides of the debate. Address all relevant issues associated with your topic. Note both the positive and negative aspects of each side of the debate.State the topic in terms of an ethical debate/dilemma and relate the issue to at least three ethical theories and/or thinkers that have been discussed in the course. Reflect on how each ethical theory and/or thinker might address the issue.Be sure to limit discussion of the “scientific” debate to a minimum. The presentation should focus on the ethical questions.If relevant, consider Biblical and/or historic Christian approaches to this issue.Give your own conclusion(s) regarding this issue.Include a minimum of three academic references in addition to

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