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I need this on a pg alone&nbspCreate a topic sentence and a bod

    I need this on a pg alone Create a topic sentence and a body paragraph that will support your thesis statement. Your paragraph must include paraphrased information and a direct quote. Each of these elements must be incorporated into your paragraph with proper APA in-text citations.  On the same topic as the 6 pg paper.________________________________________________________________________________I need a 6 pg paper with full-sentence outline.    Distance learning, also known as online learning, for the high school student population has been increasing as an alternative model of education. Define and explain how this distance learning environment is different from the more traditional model of a high school. Research, discuss, and explain several of the pros and cons of this type of learning for this specific population. Make your own argument either for or against online learning for high school students and support your viewpoint by using the research you have found to support your argument. Finally, explain why this is an important issue to discuss.This paper need to be on online learning for High school studies for homeschooling not for college students. Please read carefully if don’t know how to write this paper don’t take the assignment .

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