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I need this done by September 27th please?Option1 Environme

    I need this done by September 27th please?Option1: Environmental Pollution Scenario Review and SummaryYou arean associate-level environmental scientist in a large urban city. The growinghuman population within the city increases pressure on the infrastructure andnatural resources, affecting the environment. As cities expand, they cut deeperinto surrounding rural areas, causing environmental problems, such as the lossof wetlands, loss of biological habitats, and air and water pollution. The highdensity of automobiles, factories, and commercial enterprises in urban areasadds to airborne emissions, including particulate matter, various types ofoxides, and hazardous volatile compounds.Yourselected city is experiencing rapid growth in population. The City Council isworried that this pattern of population growth, combined with concerns overclimate change, is beginning to create a number of negative environmental, economic,and social consequences. These include deteriorating infrastructure, increasingtraffic congestion, declining air and water quality, and the loss of openspace. The City Council has charged you with writing a report that willrecommend measures to address the pollution issues and reduce carbon emissions.Makedecisions on the optimal measures for addressing the pollution managementissue. Choose four of the following measures based on pollution reduction: ยท

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