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I need these citations in APA format and then write a brief

    I need these citations in APA format and then write a brief 100 word synopsis about each resource. All must pass turnitin. If an online source is used, please include that.International Association of Fire Fighters (2008).  EmergencyMedical Services: A Guidebookfor Fire-Based Systems.National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (1996). Emergency Medical Services Agendafor the Future.America Burning: The Report of the National Commission onFire Prevention andControl. 1973Health Care Costs, A Primer, Key information on HealthCare costs and Their Impact:The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, May 2012.Eight Minutes or Less: Does the Ambulance Response TimeGuideline Impact TraumaPatient Outcome?, Peter Pons, M.D. FACEP, and Vincent J.Markovchick, M.D. FACEP.The Journal of Emergency Medicine Volume 23, No. 1, pp.43-48, 2002.

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