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I need someone to make me a prototype using visual studio or

    I need someone to make me a prototype using visual studio or another program. Will pay for this! 3. Creating a Client Tracking Software SolutionThis project is appropriate for staff that focused their education on programming.The programming team will work on the programming aspects of the project, developing a prototype of a client tracking system to keep track of the following:First Application:In this section one can merge equipment tracking into a Web application or a desktop application.This application made would track what events are taking place, and give a place for the photography company to make notes and share the documents about the event. They would assign the photographers to an event so they have a planner. They also have a spot to assign equipment to the event as well, so they know what cameras to use, lights, and more.Second Application:This application can also track clients. The sales team can add clients, documents about clients and any information someone might need when working with a client.The following information needs to be input into an application that will apply to the database. The application will need to have an area to enter event name code, name, date, phone numbers, e-mail, touch up, and more. One will need to keep security in mind to prevent unauthorized access.

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