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I NEED IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!Case Performance Lawn Equip

    I NEED IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!Case: Performance Lawn Equipment Part1:Elizabeth Burke has asked you to dosome preliminary analysis of the data in the Performance Lawn Equipmentdatabase. First, she would like you to edit the worksheets Dealer Satisfactionand End- User Satisfaction to display the total number of responses to eachlevel of the survey scale across all regions for each year. Second, she wants acount of the number of failures in the worksheet “ Mower Test.” Next, Elizabethhas provided you with prices for PLE products for the past 5 years:        Year       Mower Price       Tractor Price2008       $ 120                   $ 3,0002009       $ 135                   $ 3,1002010       $ 150                   $ 3,2502011       $ 175                   $ 3,4002012       $ 180                   $ 3,600 Create a new worksheet in the databaseto compute gross revenues by month and region, as well as worldwide totals, foreach product using the data in Mower Unit Sales and Tractor Unit Sales.Finally, she wants to know the market share for each product and region basedon the PLE and industry sales data in the database. Create and save thesecalculations in a new worksheet. Summarize all your findings in a report to Ms.Burke. Part2: The Performance Lawn Equipment databasecontains data needed to develop a pro forma income statement. Dealers sellingPLE products all receive 20% of sales revenue for their part of doing business,and this is accounted for as the selling expense. The tax rate is 40%. Developan Excel worksheet to extract and summarize the data needed to de-velop theincome statement for 2012 and implement an Excel model in the form of a proforma income statement for the company.

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