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I need help with an algebra equation. Here is the set up.A f

    I need help with an algebra equation. Here is the set up.A father is looking for the best option for daycare for his 5 year old son. Ahome-based option (Option A) charges a flat rate per hour of $15. Acenter-based option (option B) charges a fixed fee per week of $150 for 40hours and $10 an hour for any hour over the 40. What is the best option for thefather? The father works 50 hours a week from his office which is located in hishome.x = number of hours y = total child care cost Option A: (A)y = 15xOption B1: (B1)y= 150 10 (x-40)My paper got sent back because it said Ineed an additional equation for Option B that represents less than 40 hours ofdaycare is needed to complete the assessment. This is what I came up with. Option B2: (B2)y=150 10x, x≥40 hours – day care with less than 40Is this right?????? But I am not sure how to solve this. If that is right I need to show when optionA and option B2 will be equal. How do I do that? I also need to be able tograph it so I will need an ordered pair. I alreadysubmitted my paper fixing option A instead of B showing that equation with less than 50 hours aweek (less than 40 y=15[img width=’9′ height=’25’ src=’ 2iqJ94wAAAAF0Uk5TAEDm2GYAAAAJcEhZcwAAEnQAABJ0Ad5mH3gAAAAZdEVYdFNvZnR3YXJlAE1pY3Jvc29mdCBPZmZpY2V/7TVxAAAAM0lEQVQYV2NgoCUQYOUHG8/NJsjOx8kBYvIwMjJxgQWBLGawNEiWlwUsywDTQUtXQcwGAIliAQ0yGICAAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC’ v_shapes=’ i1025′

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