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I need help paraphrasing this…1.&nbsp Someof the main factor

    I need help paraphrasing this…1.  Someof the main factors that would be considered when assessing a variable windsource for electricity generation are the location of the turbines. Thelocation of the turbines prove to be significant since the wind speed distributionis not as even in the Arizona desert, versus the Great Plains and will notcreate enough wind to turn the turbines and produce electricity. The seasonalwind speeds are also considered as a main factor. An example used in the articleshared was that during the summer, in the Midwest, the wind speed distributionis at its lowest when the peak demand is at its highest. This creates a falseassessment that the Midwest cannot provide a sustainable wind energy source.2.  Weibulldistributions are generally used for wind speed distributions because barring ahurricane, or tornado, the wind speeds in an area will maintain a relativelylow speed. This will cause the graph of the wind speed distributions to beright skewed distributed as opposed to normal distribution. The differencebetween these two distributions is that normal is symmetric and right skewedholds a majority of its data on the left side.3.  Thehigher off the ground you are the greater the wind speed distribution. Theimage below is of the wind power along the coasts of Michigan at 50m height andcan somewhat support my hypothesis. In the image below the wind speed iscollected at a height of 50m and lowest category is from 0-5.6m/s which besidesthe inland of the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula there is nothing that isin this category. As opposed to the Weibull distribution model on the articleattached to the assignment, it shows the wind speed distribution  at 10m above the surface and it is below a 2%chance that the speeds exceed 4m/s. Granted the Weibull distribution I am usingto compare this to does not tell me the location of where the sample takesplace or the season, but it does give me a very rough comparison model to theimage I have below.4.  Theseason I am selecting is summer, and that includes the months ofApril-September. The estimate of the daily power available is around 15-22%with wind speeds averaging around 5.0-5.7m/s in the summer when collecting dataat a height of 100m. The peak power available is typically in the month ofApril and may range from 7-9.6m/s resulting in wind power available up to 50%. Theestimate of variability on a daily basis is somewhere around 25%. Although thepeak is at 50% there is a very short window for this while the majority staysaround 25%

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