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I need help in making 3 interviews, which are for the victim

    I need help in making 3 interviews, which are for the victim, the suspect and the interviewer, and how to write this homework in a proper way having everything being requested using the outline provided below. Can someone please help? As I said I need to make 3 interviews and the pre interview questions as well as what types of interview techniques did i used and to make a detail report of the incident, including what interview techniques were used and why you selected these techniques and draw from real crime stories to assist in the development of the scenario.   Thank youThe murder case that we picked is about, Brian k. Baldwin v. Kentucky. A little summary is:  On March 14, 1977 twoboys, Brian Baldwin, age 18, and Edward Horsley, age 17, went out with a 16year-old-girl, Naomi Rolon, in North Carolina and proceeded to drive them toAlabama. Both Baldwin and Horsley had just escaped from a youth detentioncenter. Upon arrival to Alabama; Baldwin stole a truck and Horsley drove offwith Rolon. Horsley were arrested, tried and convicted for the murder of NaomiRolon. In this case theconfession provided by Baldwin to the police is completely false. Theconfession that Baldwin provided was forced by police repeatedly beating andintimidating Baldwin until he signed a confession. Within Baldwin’s confession,he had failed to name the correct weapon and provide an accurate description ofthe murder. “The confession was later altered to fit the facts, as revealed byBaldwin’s co-defendant.” Baldwin’s trial only lasted one and one half daysincluding, jury selection, and sentencing. His innocence would have providedthe forensic evidence, found on the scene of the crime, at trial. Brian Baldwin case wastreated from the beginning till the end, by the state torture and unfair,racially discriminatory trial resulting in his execution. He was brought in tocourt in handcuffs and throughout the jury selection. During the trial, theprosecutor accused repeatedly that Baldwin had committed sexual assault eventhough charges of sexual assault were never placed. The state also withheld acomplete record of Baldwin’s trial from the defense claiming that key evidencehad been lost and thereby hindering his appeal. Eleven years before Baldwin’sexecution, Baldwin’s co-defendant confessed to the crime and exoneratedBaldwin. This still did not help Baldwin to prove his innocent and to drop thecharges placed against him. This was due to the all-white jury that convictedBaldwin and excluded African Americans from the jury in a country where 46% ofthe residents were African American. Baldwin’s convictionwas only based on his confession, “a confession that had been obtained undertorture.” When the body of Naomi Rolon was found, a second confession underbeating and threatening was once again signed by Baldwin naming the wrongweapon and the wrong method used to kill Rolon. Horsley accused Baldwin ofbeing the murderer in a separate confession supplying accurate informationabout the murder weapon and of the attack. This information was later added toBaldwin’s confession and signed by a deputy who claimed to have witnessedBaldwin’s waiver of rights, but had not been present. Shortly beforeBaldwin’s execution, the discovery of forensic evidence showed that the deadlyblows on Rolon’s body were caused by a left-handed assailant. “Horsley, notBalwin, was left-handed.” Evidence now provided proof that Baldwin was not themurderer of Rolon. Rolon’s DNA was also found on Edward Horsley’s clothing andshoes which had blood stains and Baldwin’s clothing tested negative. This is what I have so far… Maddie Clifton 2 In Jacksonville, Florida in the Lakewood area on November 3 1998 around 3p.m. Shelia Clifton had called in her kids in to the house for dinner and Young Maddie Clifton had never answered the call. Shelia had asked Maddie’s older sister Jessica if she had known where Maddie had gone and Jessica had replied no she was playing around in the street about an hour ago and Shelia had started looking in the neighborhood but could not find her. Three hours had past and the Clifton’s had gotten worried and called a friend that was an officer of the law for information on what they need to do because she had never left the area before. Officer Brant Hartsfield an Officer of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office who had been on the force for 13 years had told them that they need to give it some time to make a missing persons report due to the time frame but he was on the way over to help look for her because he knew that she would never just leave the area. About 10 p.m. that night Officer Hartsfield had called Sheriff Nat Glover and had asks him if he could step up the process due to Officer Hartsfield knew the young girl and knew that there was something wrong here. Sheriff Glover had told him that they needed to wait the time but by that time Shelia had already gotten ahold of the media for help to find Maddie which was only 8 years old and could be all alone and scared. Sheriff Glover had started the search for Maddie with police and friends around That night in a 200 yard area looking in the woods and lakes and streams in the area. The search went on that night on through the next day and no stopped for one moment, the media had gotten ahold of the information the next day and put the information out to see if anyone in the area had any news on the where bouts of young Maddie Clifton 8 years old last seen in the Lakewood area around 2p.m. the day before.Maddie Clifton 3 This had put pressure on Sheriff Glover so he had put an amber alert out that day for young Maddie Clifton and had brought in dogs and officers to look for her. The dogs had gotten a cent of young Clifton in several places in the neighborhood but it was hard to place just where she was due to she played all over the area. Young Jessica Clifton had gone across the street and had asked Joshua Phillips 14 years of age if he had seen her at all the last day or so and he replied ”no” and said he was going to help look for her. Several of days had gone by and two of the dogs had gotten cents from around the area but no one had paid any attention to them due to they thought she was taken out of the area. On the Seventh day of Maddie Clifton had been missing Josh Phillips mother had gotten a strange odor that she could not figure out what it was and she said that it was crazy that Josh had been lighting up incents for the last few days. Officer Hartsfield had just been over at the Clifton’s home when Mrs. Phillips had come out side from the odor. Officer Hartsfield had gone in with Mrs. Phillips and found around where the odor was coming from which was around Josh Phillips waterbed and Officer Hartsfield noticed a board that was lose and pulled on it when young Maddie Clifton’s legs had fallen out from under the opening of the waterbed and it now turned into a crime scene. Which Josh Phillips had confessed as soon as they found her and said it was an accident and he was scared because of his father. He said that they were playing ball and he hit Maddie with a ball and he got scared because no one was supposed to be at the house and his father was supposed to be home any time. So he hit Maddie upside the head with a baseball bat and she was crying and he started to stab her over and over just to get her to shut up. Then he panic and said he had to hide her before his dad came Maddie Clifton 4 home so he put her under his bed and could not move her because of over 1000 people searching for her in the area. Joshua Phillips age 14 was arrested and convicted as an adult and sentenced to life in prison with no parole.Maddie Clifton 5 Interview Preparation: Include a detailed description of the identification of suspects and pre-interview preparations which have been outlined in the book. III. Interviews: Include at least 3 statements based on the interviewing techniques used. Explain why these techniques were used. IV. Interrogation: Summary of interrogation, including any techniques used and why, identify key legal issues. V. Summation: Give a brief critique of the process and your results of the case. VI. Bibliography: Include at least one citation per team member, from various sources. Use at least three sources referenced in this course. Use APA Formatting for citation

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