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I need a three page paper on Welfare with a work cited page

    I need a three page paper on Welfare with a work cited page in a MLA format. Names of people that involve.   Title Page (correct header & title case used)Text (2 pages minimum & 3 pages maximum: double spaced; first sentence of paragraphsindented; 1 space after punctuation)Works Cited Page (Was there a complete cite for all references?) (see MLA Format Guideat the Purdue Owl website)Font Size (10-12 pt.) and Font Style (Arial or Courier)Header and Page Numbers (.5” top margin & flush right)8.5” X 11” White Paper & Black InkMargins (1 inch all sides, top, bottom, left & right)Parenthetical References (direct quotes, paraphrases, & summaries must be referenced)(see MLA Format Guide at the Purdue Owl website)WHO (names of principal people involved)WHAT (facts & circumstances concerning the issue, incident, policy, or scandal)WHEN (date , year, or time period involved)WHERE (geographical location. e.g., Washington D.C.)ETHICAL POSITION (student’s opinion and rationale for the opinion)APPRECIATION OF OPPOSING VIEWPOINT (summary discussion)Introductory Paragraph (tell, what you are going to tell!)Discussion (2-5 Paragraphs) (Was the who, what, when, where, ethical position, andopposing viewpoint presented in a clear and logical manner?)Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs) (re-state ethical opinion and rationale for the opinion)Proof Reading (check for spelling, punctuation, word usage, verb subject agreement, etc.)Is the paper easy to read and understand?TURNITIN Originality Score (A score higher than 30% will result in a failing grade and areview for plagiarism.) (Remember the GMC Honor Code)Peer Review (Did the peer review find the major problems?)

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