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I need 1500 words POLICY MEMO paper with 10 reliable sources

    I need 1500 words POLICY MEMO paper with 10 reliable sources (please research to find policy memo example and follow its format). The introduction must have a thesis stating whether it is an act of discrimination and include reasons to support it.In the memo you must outlinethe problem and current approaches to that problem. You need not make arecommendation. Your goal is to outline the problem and the current approachesto solving it.Writing prompt:I. Disability DiscriminationA surgical specialist at a clinic in your network has had a complaint lodged against him. A patient has alleged that the specialist discriminated against her because she is hearing impaired. The patient says that although she was initially able to make an appointment, when she showed up for her first visit and requested a professional sign-language interpreter she was told that the specialist would not be able to treat her after all, because arranging for an interpreter was just “too expensive.” The patient believes that this is illegal denial of a “reasonable accommodation” under federal disability law, and is asking Imperial Unlimited to fix the problem or she will file a federal complaint. Your task is to find out whether this was legally an act of discrimination, what the rights of the patient are in this case, and what obligations Imperial United has to remedy it.

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