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I nee to turn in tonight&nbspThe argument over leaders being bo

    I nee to turn in tonight The argument over leaders being born or made has and will rage on for theforeseeable future.  My follow up to you is this, can you take someone whois not an alpha male/female and make them a leader?  I never realized thatI was until after I was in police work for awhile.  However, I quicklyrealized that I was.  Do you feel as though there are areas that couldpossibly be tested to help bring this out sooner?A alpha male or female is someone who is dominant, and people look up tothem. People naturally turn to a Alpha male or female for leadership. They knowhow to lead because they know how to handle a stressful situation well, and areconfident in themselves. They can also instill confidence in other people. How about someone who does not realize thathe or she may be?  How can you get them to evolve into this? Impossible people exist;there isn’t a thing you can do about it. (How to Deal, n.d.) Facing reality is the firststep. if you think you might be dealing with an impossible person, you’reprobably right. The headaches you save will be your own. One thing I tend toforget is to be the bigger person and walk away. .  I believe this type of person can be fixed.You can be the opposite of them. Anything you do or say while angry will beused against you. If you open your mind to other  individuals opinions. Everybody is somebody’s difficult person at least some ofthe time (Ten Types, 2007). Do you feel as though there are areas thatcould possibly be tested to help bring this out sooner? Not sure on thisquestionReferences:How to Deal With Impossible People: 15Steps – wikiHow. (n.d.). Retrieved from of Difficult People. (2007, December 31). Retrieved needs to be checked not sure on last quesstion though

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