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I.&nbsp &nbspReflect on Your Past Academic Experiences As a Studen

    I.   Reflect on Your Past Academic Experiences As a Student What are some positive experiences that you have had as a student?           What are some obstacles you faced in your previous experiences and how did you cope with them?          II.   Identify Your Strengths, Motivations, Obstacles, and Needs What strengths or personal characteristics do you possess that will help you succeed as a college student?          What is your biggest motivation for completing your college education?          What is one skill that you would like to learn in this course?          What life responsibilities and challenges do you face as a college student? How will you overcome these obstacles?          III.   Contact Information and Back-up Options What type of assistance will you need from your instructor in order to be successful in completing this course?           What is your preferred method to be contacted outside of the course (phone, email, or text)? Provide the phone number and email address that you would like your instructor to use and the best day/time to contact you.           What is your back-up plan in case you run into personal issues or problems with your computer or Internet access?

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