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I just need you to reply by agreeing or disagreeing with my

    I just need you to reply by agreeing or disagreeing with my classmates reply. (citation needed) and Scripture (citation needed, but not in the reference), as well as your own thoughts and ideas and a lot of deep thinking. How do these questions affect you? Ask yourself the hard questions when responding.I NEED 100 WORDS’The whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth’ (Rom. 8:22). This is what God says in his word about suffering. Suffering whether in the church or in the world, it’s impossible to minimize the breadth and depth. Human life whether we want to admit it or not is comprised of misery and woe. Broken relationships, excruciating illness, the prospect of one’s own death, depression, quiet yet paralyzing fear, memories of sexual victimization, the death of a child, and many other painful problems leave none unscathed. So how do we counsel someone who is suffering? The best advice I could give is you don’t try to alleviate all of the suffering in fact it is not a counselors job to alleviate any of the pain. Our job as counselors is to help our clients cope with their suffering. Only God himself can rid anyone from all pain. As a counselor we can teach clients who are suffering different coping skills to help deal with their pain. For example art is a great coping skill. Coloring, painting and drawing is very therapeutic. In addition light candles and playing calming music is another way to calm the body and relax.It is very important for a counselor to remember that we cannot solve every problem or fix every situation. We can only help clients through the problems and give them better ways to deal with them. The entire client- counselor relationship is a process and working toward a goal. If the goal is to rid someone from all of their suffering it may be very far reached.

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