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I am writing a mini thesis on risk,uncertainties and regulat

    I am writing a mini thesis on risk,uncertainties and regulatory policies for banks in the financial markets. Giventhat risk can never be completely mitigated or hedged, argument would have toshow an in depth analysis on affects and results made by regulatories/policyand banks. Any other relevant anaylsis or current information to further topicis welcome. The main goal and conclusion is to analyse the success or failureof banks and the market behavior before and after risk is mitigated. · Word count: +5000 words withoutreferences/biolography· References/biolography willalso be needed after conclusion page· Formatt: APA style· Due date: 29th AugustPlease find the outline I would like tofollow. A. IntroductionB. Methods of organizing and synthesizing data (please how data is use andcompared)C. Data Analysis and findings of results on accurate risk assessment acrosscategories such as Credit risk, market risk, operational risk and riskquantification under normal as well as stressed conditionsD. Quantitative View on Mitigating risk by banks and regulators (economiccapital)Subtopics:1. Correlations and differences on how Financial Regulators regulate2. Mitigating internal and external risk factors 3. Why risk management cannot assess all market risks (please give currentscenarios and current market example)4. Other avenues market manipulator are currently using (e.g. shadowbanking)5. Lack of Confidence and weakness in Basel III Accord6. Illustrate banking performance/behaviors7. How important is risk mitigation to banks and the financial market8. Who else plays a role in mitigate risk management 9.  Markets that are proactive markets vs the lagging financial governors on potential risk and uncertainties

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