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I am not sure I understand how to take an already existing c

    I am not sure I understand how to take an already existing case study and turn it into a report.  i am looking for just a really good example to guide me so that I may write the 4 case studies.    Preferably in APA format would help.  If you are concerned I will copy your work please publish it so you know I will not take your work and use it as mine.  In fact, I have the case studies I am going to use.Here is is information from the instructor:Duringthe semester, students will choose 4 case studies from those available in thetextbook and do a 3 – 5 page analysis of the case.  Case Studies:  A case study is an analysis of a particularcase or situation used as a basis for drawing conclusions in similar situations.  In the case assignment, a business situationthat reinforces chapter content will be given with questions that reinforcestudent understanding of the chapter and course theory.  Student response to the questions must demonstratean understanding of the subject and how it relates to the case.  Case study questions are not short-answerquestions and should not be answered in only 2 or 3 sentences.  The responses to all case studies must bewell developed and must demonstrate your ability to apply the chapter’s contentto the issues.

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