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I am building a German website, where I would like to cite f

    I am building a German website, where I would like to cite from other news sites. For example I would like to cite from the rss feed from and I would like to cite images from this website. In Dutch Law the author of a work is always protected under the Copyright Law. An exception can be made when someone tries to cite the work of an author. When inter alia the following conditions apply, a work is a valid citation:- to the extent reasonably possible, the source, including the name of the author is listed in a clear manner – the work is lawfully made ​​public from which the quotation is – citing must be in accordance with what the rules that are civil reasonably accepted and the number and length of the quoted must be justified by the goal to be reached; I know that in Dutch Law it is legal to cite 1 or 2 headlines from a news article from a news website. It gets trickier when you want to cite an image, there is a lot of jurisprudence with edge cases where sometimes the party that cites wins and sometimes loses. I don’t know anything about this and how it works in German Law. Do you know if the Dutch Law rules also applies to German Law, or do you have some good resources where I can find my answer?

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