Read the Calgary Drop-in Centre case (in your Harvard Course Pack).  Write a professional report for Facey to help him determine which option to select.  This assignment has 3 parts detailed below (be sure you answer each part):1.  Develop a list of 4-5 criteria Facey should use to select the new system.  For each criteria provide a 1-2 paragraph justification for why that criteria is important and what weight it should receive (out of 100%) when making the selection.  Be sure your weights add to 100%.2.  Develop a decision matrix (table) that shows each criteria and it’s associated weight in each column (across the top of the table) and each option in the table rows.  In the cells include a score for each option (on a 5 point scale with 5 as the best).  Provide a total score at the bottom for each option by multiplying the score by the criteria weight (see to an external site. for more information).3.  Recommend one of the solutions and provide a 2-3 paragraph justification supporting your recommendation.Be sure to write in a professional manner (grammar and spell check).  Any assignment that is not spell checked receives an automatic zero!


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