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http// the article on Truth and Spirituality and discuss the ideas intelligently!What is superstition?What are you superstitious about?What’s the difference between science, pseudoscience, philosophy and religion?What’s the difference between proving something and having faith in something?What pseudoscience do you believe in?What do you have faith in?Can you prove these things are true?What can you prove is ‘true’?What pseudoscience do you believe in? (astrology, crystal healing, Bermuda triangle, miracle cures, tarot readings, fortune tellers, psychics, prayer, magic)What superstitions does your family believe in?Do you practice any superstitions? (salt over the shoulder, black cats, putting mirrors on doors, etc.)Look at the spurious arguments and make sure you can use them and explain them.How are you influenced by the media?What influences you besides the media? Culture? Religion? Friends? Parents? etc.Where did your opinions come from?Have you ever changed your mind about anything?Write one main post answering some or all of the questions above. It should be several paragraphs lon

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