Hi,i have this assignment which include 3 questions please i want you to help me in answering the questions Question 1:Analyse the competitive environment of Vasco Telcom retail shops division using an appropriatemodel.Question 2:Vasco Telcom CEO wants to develop a rationale and a case for retaining the retail shops division.Develop a justifying case paper for the CEO highlighting (upto 5 key) reasons to submitto the strategy planning committee explaining why the retail shops division should continue toform a key part of Vasco Telcom future strategy.Question 3:The Vasco Telcom retail shops division faces problems in retaining its original business idea of offeringimpartial advice to customers and developing an appropriate rewards system for its staff.Examine and discuss changes the Vasco Telcom retail sales division should consider making toboth its business idea and Human resource approach and system to remain successful.the assignment should include the following:1- introduction2- literature review3- answering the questions3- conclusion

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