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Hi James,**Please see the five (5) attached files: Assignmen

    Hi James,**Please see the five (5) attached files: AssignmentCalendars for March, April, and May – Homework III 1-40 – Homework III41-80.**I would like to obtain one quotefrom you for the remainder of the assignments for this class (see Assignment Calendars). I will enter $100 for the initial quoted price and when you give me your quote we can work out how I will enter the remaining dollars. There will be 6 more homework assignments which will contain 70 and 80 problems each (similar tofirst homework assignment you did for me). There will be four (4) Quizzescontaining 5-10 problems each. Once Iopen the online quiz I will have 50 minutes to get my answers entered beforethe quiz closes so I will need to schedule exact dates/times withyou as we go. There will be two (2) more Exams containing 12-17 problems(similar to the first exam you did for me). As with the first Exam I will have60 minutes to get my answers entered before the exam closes so I willneed to schedule exact dates/times with you as we go. Unfortunatelyyou can’t help me with Exam IV (Final Exam) becauseI’m required to take it in class…so please type detailed stepsto the homework problems as they will be my studyguide for the final exam. Thank you so much for your helping me again and I look forward toworking with you.**PendingDeadlines (please confirm that you are able tomeetthe dates/times noted below:Quiz II: I wouldlike to schedule Quiz II with you on FridayMarch 31st at 8PM EST. I will have the problems uploaded to you by 8:05PM EST. If you are unable to make the 8PM timeplease let me know what time will work better for you. Once I open the onlinequiz I will have 50 minutes to get my answers entered before the quiz closes.There will be 5-10 problems.Homework III (1-80): answersreturned by 6AM EST Saturday April 1st.

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