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Hi! I need help with the following (I need everything done

    Hi! I need help with the following (I need everything done by 8pm on 11/30/14.) PLEASE NOTE: I need help with all of the components below (1, 2, AND 3). Thanks! The task: Create a WPF command called WebBrowser to launch a Web browser application window when invoked (can use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.) Map and associate any appropriate input gesture with this custom command. After the custom command has been created, it must be used in the application by connecting this command to a UI element, to a MenuItem. What I need from you (please): 1) A zip file with all Visual Studio project files that can be loaded and run in another Visual Studio. A copy of the source code must be included. 2) A screenshot of the application output. 3) A separate short write-up explaining the program design and how one would arrive at the provided solution.

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