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I did a research for my psychology class about ADHD

    hi, I did some research for my psychology class about ADHD. I asked a person to read some material and I met him for 12 times and made a data sheet about our meetings. The main point of the research was to measure the time the person is using other devices like iPad or phones and the time that he actually looks at the material provided to him, and not paying attention to other distractions.

    I made the data sheet already; however, I have to also the IOA data/calculations. I did some study about IOA which we learned in our lecture and did some research, but I do not fully understand it yet. I was wondering someone with Psychology degree would be able to help me with that. I would attach my datasheet here, so they can take a look at it.

    I forgot to mention that from interval 1-5, I let him use his devices, which would be considered baseline data,Then, I took the devices from him and did not let him use it (interval 6-9), and then I gave the devices back to him and back to baseline. Also, this file may be useful. I studied it, but did not know which one should I use in case of my research. It hopefully gets uploaded. The datasheet I made is one of the files I attached with below.

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