The questions are now provided below.


1. Of the articles, videos, and/or chapter content that you have been exposed to which ONE inspired you the most to learn more about the hospitality and tourism industry? Why did this particular item inspire you more than anything else? Please elaborate.

QUESTION #2      (be sure to answer all portions of the question)

2. If you are already considering working in or already ARE working in the hospitality and tourism industry, have you learned anything in this course that has expanded your viewpoints/impressions of the hospitality segment within which you work? What about working in other potential segments of the industry?  Why or why not?

OR….if you were not considering working in the hospitality and tourism industry and still are NOT considering working in the hospitality industry, have any the articles possibly persuaded you otherwise?  Why or why not?

Next, no matter what your stance is on working or not working in the industry, do you feel there is a place to use your chosen major within the hospitality and tourism industry? Please give some examples from what you’re learned thus far in the course.

QUESTION #3       (be sure to answer all portions of the question)

3. Of all the hospitality professionals thus far who you have read about or viewed in a video, which PERSON has motivated you to want to learn more about his or her role in the industry? Give some detail as to why you feel this way. What about his or her job or personality has impressed you?

Are there any individuals you’ve learned about that hold positions which truly do NOT interest you? Why or why not?

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