Hey so I would like help making a strategic plan for Poppy Rose based in Brisbane, Australia (File Attached). Should be done with Powerpoint including 12 slides. I need help with the Marketing Mix strategies. I need it to be done ASAP because I was working with a tutor and he did totally something else and I need this to be done asap. Down below I have posted some more info to make things easier1- Product strategies to create value( for existing or new products)The physical characteristics of the core product – features, attributes, and packagingThe intangible product properties – the value created for the target customer.The augmented product – pre- and post-service support2- Pricing strategies to create value: Product line pricing – from premium to midpoint to low, the trade-off between price and product quality perceptions.Penetration versus skimming pricing.Use of sales promotion techniques and/or loyalty programs .3- Integrated marketing communications strategies to communicate value:Analysing the touchpoints each segment is likely to use, pre-purchase, during purchase, and post-purchaseThe IMC mix – traditional and digital tools used for each segment to create awareness and knowledge of the brand’s value, encourage trial or purchase, engage, retain, and build relationship4- Distribution strategies to deliver value:Distribution channel length- the type and number of intermediaries usedDistribution intensity- from exclusive to selective intensive distributionThe distribution partner’s used and their roles for creating, communication and delivering value for the targeted segments in different stage of their decision making process

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