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Here are four case studies that need to be turned into an an

    Here are four case studies that need to be turned into an analysis.  Each one need to be cited APA style both inside the text and a works cited page, 12 pt font and Times Roman.  There are questions are the end of each case study and you can use these as the basis for the analysis.  Here is a link that helps on what an analysis is if you need it. sure all sources can be easily accessed in the United States but can be from other countries.  Another website that has a good amount of information with some or all of the case studies is recommendation is to do one and forward that to me to make sure it is going well and no issues on my side.  I will give you two weeks and will not extend this assignment.  Please do a good job and redeem yourself!Adidas Case Study.pdfEnterprise Rent a Car Case Study.pdfInfiniti Case Study.pdfKelloggs Case Study.pdf

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