Henry,             I will give you the executive summary – which I have already submitted – feel free to manipulate in any order that you need to incorporate it into the final paper.Secondly, will give you the parameters of the project – it can not surpass 5 pages.Course ProjectStrategic Entry Report: Developing a Plan for a Business Operation AbroadOverviewAssessmentOverviewYou have been hired by a large U.S. corporation to create a strategic report on establishing a business operation abroad. You have the specific task of providing in your report an overview of the cultural, political, and macroeconomic environment in the target country and region, and estimating the costs and political risks of doing business there. Based on these considerations, you are required to make a clear-cut, yes-or-no executive recommendation on whether to establish a business operation and give reasons for your decision.This project will be conducted individually. Your assigned target country and industry will be posted to the Forum by your instructor.First StepsDuring Module 1, consult the Forum to find your assigned project theme (country and industry), as posted by your instructor. Start reviewing online resources of business information on your target country and industry. The number of necessary resources is not specified; however, we suggest that you use Jones e-global library® as much as possible. Proactive and independent research of online sources is one of the conditions for successfully completing the project.Executive SummaryDuring Module 4, post to the Forum an executive summary. Your summary (without references, tables, or graphs) should not exceed 1 page; and APA style is not required. Your executive summary should argue for or against establishing a business operation in the target country. If you argue for establishing a business operation, describe the form that you think that operation should take (joint-venture, direct foreign investment, etc.), and provide a short analysis of the risks and benefits. If you argue against establishing a business operation, specify your reasons and back them up with specific information gathered from your research. There is no right or wrong answer to each project theme; and it is up to you to defend your decision.Final ReportDuring Module 8, post to the Forum your final report. Your report should not exceed five pages in APA style, excluding tables and graphs. The report will start with an executive summary, which can expand on, but not contradict, the summary you provided during Module 4. This should be followed by a short review consisting of:The local political environment and the country’s relationship with the USThe local macroeconomic situation and economic attitudesThe local business culture in relation to the US, including any language barriersThe cost/benefit and risk/benefit aspects of establishing the business operation in the target countryA list of online references in APA styleExecutiveSummary – Already submitted – received a 96 out of 100  Germanyis a European country known for its cultural compatibility to technology andinnovation. The business position has been sought here for the feasibility ofinvestment in Munich, Germany. The country is also the hub of various investorsas it provides research and development facilities to the government as well asproviding a feasible workforce. In order to accurately assess the feasibilityof the business, strategic factors such as state of the economy, availabilityof technology, social and legal environment are important and should beconsidered accordingly. Due to globalization, there is a great degree ofavailability involving technology, and diverse ethnic environments, whereby,such attributes can prove  as assets tothe company. German workers have distinct features; whereas, each is highlycooperative, and work well in a team environments. Other than socio-culturalaspects, the legal requirements are supportive relative to the business, andthe trade environment is governed through WTO and other measures, whereas thelocal laws are also prevailing factors (Meiners, Ringleb, & Edwards, 2014).The GDP volume of Germany is 3.87 trillion, and GDP growth rate stands inat  -0.2%. Unemployment, at present, isdeclining as compared to previous years and is currently measured at 4%.Inflation has also decreased and, to date, is 0.8%. Finally, the interest rateis 0.15% (Economic Indicators, 2014). The GDP of the country is voluminous, andit is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. The growthrate is negative, which means that the economy has been sustained at thispoint. The current unemployment rate stands less than 5%. In addition,inflation, has been trending downward. Present interest rates allow forcontinuous investment and, as such, fulfill fiscal policy objectives oftriggering the economy through increasing investment. Interest rates, to date, havebeen sustained, and for this reason, macroeconomic dynamics calls for decreasedunemployment. These conditions go hand in hand, whereas, investment isdecreasing, and due to which, the economic activity is increasing. Presently,the fiscal policy is synergistic to the investment, and the investment couldprove prosperous  in Munich, Germany. Thedecreasing unemployment rate also supports the projection of the interest rateeconomic elaboration, the decrease in unemployment will result in increasedbargaining power of employees as most of the people will be already employed,and new business will be less apt to impose their conditions on new workforce.Inflation, within Germany, is far less, which indicates the effectiveness ofthe economic policy of Munich. In measuring the significantly lower interestrates, discover unemployment is less, and consequently, the inflation shouldincrease, however due to governmental intervention, the economy continues todemonstrate consistent growth. Conditions, as such, are indicative of adverseimpacts relative to inflation and, in return, increase profitability of manufacturing business where costs associatedwith resources will not increase. In order to adapt to German businesspractices will need to gain a level of expertise concerning manufacturing andmanufacturing operations, whereby, a joint venture becomes more conducive.Acquiring, expert manufacturing practices, will provide an early competitiveindustry advantage to the organization. Cultural diversity, within the targetcountry, is considered as a supporting factor in most present business andconsidered as a viable asset. Other factors, such as, the local and power culture should not be used, as it could,ultimately result, in irreparable conflict between corporate headquarters andthe Munich local workforce. The social, cultural, legal and environment factorsare well established and, as a result, supportive for the expansion strategy,and most decisively, the macroeconomic factors are align to the investment. Itis for these very reasons the company should move forward with the  business decision to fully  invest in Munich, Germany.WorksCitedEconomicIndicators. (2014). Germany | EconomicIndicators. Retrieved 8 28, 2014, fromhttp://www.tradingeconomics.com/germany/indicatorsMeiners, R. E.,Ringleb, A. H., & Edwards, F. (2014). The Legal Environment ofBusiness. Cengage Learning.Here is the professors comments – Hi Michael, I largely agree with the spirit of the analysis and thank you for your time and effort in summarizing info so well. The report opens avenues to an extension and final reporting in week 8. Language, transportation and cultural setting are the key few points that set Germany apart from other potential European location. Although English is spoken in many other locations it is the one of the primary languages used in large German cities and will fit well with the majority of the people we transplant in Southern Germany from the US. The atmosphere and culture of Munich is somewhat close to that which we know in the US which should make for the easiest change over in people relocating from the US as well. Transportation in Germany overall is also an exceptional plus as things like the autobahn is what our freeway system is based on in the US. As biotechnology is already a very established and a rich environment currently in Southern Germany this will be an additional win. The over 500 biotechnology companies, with annual revenue of over 1.5 billion euros that are supported by over 13,000 staff members are a great atmosphere to locate our new biotech location within. Having this many people and overall talent targeted at our industry will help us being located in Munich. MIROLet me know if you need anything in addition.

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