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Hello would someone be able to write me a 350 word response

    Hello would someone be able to write me a 350 word response at a master’s level, for this question below. Using the attached article.Please remember this must be confidential and if accepted the work cannot be plagiarised or be tracked on the internet. Here are some links to the documents that are to be used. Thank YouQuestion:—How do you develop and refine research questions?Marking criteriaDemonstrate reflective reading of the required texts. Relate your learning and reflection to your professional context when you address the questions in your postingsDemonstrate a growing understanding of research perspectives and approaches as developed from the selected readings and the class discussions.Clarity in writing. References, also when referencing please place the page number in the brackets. (journal articles, books, book chapters, policy documents) are included, appropriately presented in the APA reference style. In-text citations are also required.

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