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hello need help i have got remarks on the previous work…..

    hello need help i have got remarks on the previous work…… you just have to revise the week 7 work which is lesson planthis is the lesson planEnglish Language Learning.docx I have to get this fixed… my professor  said:Afterreviewing your Week 6 assignment submission, I believe you have reallymissed the mark on this one which affects the outcome of Week 7assignment. Your submission had two parts 1) Lesson Plan 2) Explanationof lesson plan? For the lesson plan, there is a very limited descriptionand more importantly, there is very GENERIC, GENERALIZED informationplaced in the lesson plan template I believe you were describing whateach section is instead of CREATING a LESSON PLAN with SPECIFIC DETAILSsuch as having a topic of Ocean Life, then each component (i.e.Standards, Objectives, Materials, etc.) contains descriptions for theOcean Life lesson and how it would unfold in the classroom.Additionally, I am not sure why the Part 2 section that is essay-like isincluded because a lesson plan is all that is necessary. Think of itthis way: This assignment is basically designed for you to create anormal lesson plan that any teacher should be able to pick up and use intheir classroom–with the added bonus of how to address the needs ofELL students. Knowing this, can you see where this submission needsmajor work? Please make these adjustments before submitting the Week 7SIOP Lesson Plan. and these are the rubrics og the workA6-7 Template-Create SIOP Lsn Pt1 and Pt2. This is anoptional format for you to use. Always check the rubric to ensure allaspects of the assignment that will be evaluated are addressed.A7 Template-ELL Placement Assessments. This is an optional format foryou to use. Always check the rubric to ensure all aspects of theassignment that will be evaluevaluated are addressedplease complete it i really need it done

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