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Hello, I was wondering about getting a critical review paper

    Hello, I was wondering about getting a critical review paper on a book (The Money & the Monk An Abridgment of the Journey to the West by Anthony C. Yu) written? Here is the assignment:’Your principal written assignment this term will be an extensive critical review of Monkey and the Monk. The review is to be 8 pages in length, and will primarily focus on an analysis of the roles of Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism in the classic. While the novel’s main plot revolves around the pilgrimage to India taken by the Chinese monk Xuanzang (c. 602-664 CE), and is generally viewed as a Buddhist tale, many scholars in China and the US argue that its real purpose is to promote the syncretistic Quanzhen Daoist tradition. Based upon your reading and the insights provided by Anthony Yu, Ping Shao and others (available on Canvas), you will be required to analyze the novel yourself, answering the question whether its real purpose is to advocate for Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism or some combination thereof.Your paper is to be typed, 8 pages, double spaced, with one inch margins, appropriate citations and bibliography.’

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