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Hello, i need your help for my assignment in Biology. This i

    Hello, i need your help for my assignment in Biology. This is about Weight Loss Diet Comparison. please add the work cited alsoWeight Loss Diet ComparisonFor this activity, you will compare and contrast some of the popular weight loss diet plans that are available on the market today. You will evaluate several factors including:diet plan promise or claimcost (is the diet budget-friendly or is the client forced to purchase expensive, pre-packaged meals?)level of effort and convenience (how much food preparation is involved?)nutrient content – adequacy, variety, balance, moderation (are there food groups omitted?)medical supervision and support (such as doctor, nurse, dietitian)inclusion/exclusion of physical exerciseinclusion/exclusion of a behavioral modification programprobability of being a “life-long” diet planscientific research that supports efficacy and safety of diet planOnce you have reviewed and evaluated several of the popular diet plans, provide a 2-3 page, typed critique that provides an overview of two of the diet plans that ranked high and two that ranked low on your diet evaluation. Please DO NOT copy-and-paste the reviews from another source. Students who plagiarize another source will receive a grade of zero.If you use the rubric above when typing your critique, please use complete, thoughtful sentences. You may create a table that compares four of the diet plans; but, if you choose to use this format, please make sure that your table contains categorical headings for an easy diet comparison and you clearly identify which two diets plans ranked “high” and which two ranked “low.”You will need to post your report to this forum on the Discussion Board.Here are some helpful web sources to get you started in your research:WebMD: Weight Loss & Diet Plans A – Z (Liens vers un site externe.)Liens vers un site externe.U.S. News & World Report: Best Weight Loss Diets (Liens vers un site externe.)Liens vers un site externe.Comparison of Weight Loss Among Named Diet Programs in Overweight and Obese Adults: a Meta-Analysis (Liens vers un site externe.)Liens vers un site externe.9 Popular Diets Reviewed by Science (Liens vers un site externe.)Liens vers un site externe.

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