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Hello, I need to write formal report and executive summary.

    Hello, I need to write formal report and executive summary. I will like the idea to ‘Child Welfare Support’ and the audience will be Stakeholders. I want it to look like some experience from my job. Please I do not want any online resources or online references . But I will tell you my experience at work to guide you with the report.  I worked for  Child Protective Agency and the facility where I worked is a temporary place where the kids stay after they’ve been removed from their home due to allegation of child abuse or child endangerment before they finally move them to foster homes. But sometime due to all this allegation, some disable kids are also being removed from their homes, the problem is that the temporary facility does not have adequate equipment and trained staff to work properly with those children, therefore their lives has also been exposed to danger while under the custody of the people that suppose to protect them. So my suggestion is that the child protective agency shouldn’t remove kids from their home when they cant provide safety for them. Hopefully this will help you to write this report 4 to 5 pages. We have to label the ‘Executive Summary’ to differentiate. Thanks!

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