Hello I need help with the following: Company: Tesla, Continent: EuropePurpose of AssignmentStudents will apply the course work to a real business issue and be able to think through the implications to the organization. Organizations and individuals engaged in global trade must adapt to the opportunities and challenges created by doing business across borders.Assignment Steps Company: Tesla, Continent: Europe Cover Page and IntroductionOutline how change can be managed for a company that has never done business outside of the U.S.Create a 2 Microsoft Power slides covering the Title page, Outline and Introduction to communication plan, with speaker notes.Cover the following :Define the contribution of employee empowerment as a catalyst for change into a global organization.Explain how you can motivate and manage change, taking into account the following concepts:Change Management and the Basic Functions of ManagementAdapting to workforce diversity, cultural and language differences, and foreign customsFormat your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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