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Hello i have this code and i need it to be fixed&nbspi want it

    Hello i have this code and i need it to be fixed i want it ti check the numbers if its odd or not and return true or false value. public class oddNumber {  public static void main (String [] args){    boolean ans;    boolean ans2;   ans = isBothOddNumber(5,11, ans , ans2);   ans2 = isBothOddNumber(5,22, ans , ans2);   System.out.println(‘Answe 1 ‘+ ans + ‘Answer 2 ‘ + ans2);  }  public static boolean isBothOddNumber(int a, int b, boolean ans, boolean ans2){    if (a %2 == 1) {      if(b%2 == 1){      System.out.println(‘Odd numbers’);      ans = true;      return ans;}    }    else {      System.out.println(‘not Odd ‘ );      ans2 = false;      return ans2;    }  }}

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