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Hello everyone,Here is the explanation for the questions and

    Hello everyone,Here is the explanation for the questions and its requirements:1. Reflective JournalThis week, I would like your Reflective Journal to cover the content of the following articles found on Blackboard:Socrates and PlatoAristotleJohn LockeJean Jacques RousseauUtilize the reading from Noddings to engage these texts. Consider: How does each philosopher’s writings elaborate on our five questions, and the conceptual language we use to express their understandings of Education? If it helps, you may focus only on the question “Who is the Educated Person.”2. Knowledge Board PostAs there is no class, we will use the Knowledge Board to post an exercise in the use of Analytic Philosophy on the article from Macmillan and Garrison. (The knowledge Board link is located on the left hand side of the screen in Blackboard, below Course Assignments)As you read the article closely, draw again on the chapter from Noddings and consider: What objections can you raise? What points can you reject? Where can you probe for suppressed ideas? How can you argue new criteria? Can you predict consequences, or reject the entire scheme? How do Macmillan and Garrison elaborate and clarify the concept of Teaching – can you help to clarify their meaning as you make sense of it? Approach your post as an analysis to clarify the relationship of the language they use to describe teaching reality. Five Philosophical QuestionsWho Is the Educated Person?What Is Worth Knowing?What Is Learning?What Is Good Teaching?What Is the Role of the School in Society?Guiding Democratic Educational Questions:What is the role of education in a multicultural democratic society?What are the ethical responsibilities of teachers?What are key issues that impact education in the U.S today?What is the relationship between schooling and social reproduction and transformation?What role should schools play in fostering greater equality and educational opportunity?***** the reflection should be 1500 words

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